2nd edition
beta release

Starter Pack - 3 NFTs

Essential Pack - 6 NFTs

Lenticular Neon Nebula​

The Lenticular Neon Nebula is an irregular galaxy that’s highly unstable. Once a spiral galaxy that collapsed and deformed by an uneven external gravitational force of immense proportions. It has become distorted by the gravity of a nearby black hole. The only access to this portion of crypto space is a temporal anomaly. 

Neon Bromine Nebula

The Neon Bromine Nebula is comprised of very old stars with low mass. Making this galaxy a unique supercluster. They inner planetoids are very dim in comparison to the bright outer sector of this cryprosphere galaxy.

Quasar Vortex Nebula

The Quasar Vortex Nebula is a highly luminous nebula in the zeta quadrant of the universe. It’s powered by supermassive black holes, and it’s a very young galaxy. It’s highly active, emitting staggering amounts of radiation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Iron Delta Nebula

The Iron Delta Nebula has a flat, spinning disk with a central bulge surrounded by spiral arms. The plasma matter in the disk is a spiral shape, like a cosmic pinwheel. Within it, a supermassive black hole causes disruptions throughout this section of cryptospace. 

Irregular Tanzanite Nebula

The Irregular Tanzanite Nebula is rich in the mineral zoisite, caused by small amounts of vanadium. The sensitive gamma-waves cause power energy cores to malfunction. Power flow stabilizer controls will be the only way to enter into its cryptosphere. 

Spiral Zoisite Nebula

The Spiral Zoisite Nebula is rich in a calcium aluminium hydroxy sorosilicate belonging to the epidote group of minerals. It’s parallel to the principal axis of the biaxial positive sector in crypto space. Filled with toxic gasses, all the planets are inhabitable by humans. 

Elliptical Radon Nebula

The Elliptical Radon Nebula has an anomalous power signature. This nebula has an antimatter particle trace in the furthest electro-ceramic sector of crypto space. You’ll need a series of nanowave pulse signatures in the teflon gamma-wave finalizing rockets to enter its quadrant. 

Erbium Plasma Nebula

The Erbium Plasma Nebula is a distant galaxy that can divert power away from dilithium flow processing nodes, of quantum molecular elements. The plasma within this nebula will decrease power to the cryptonian core of landing thrusters. This Galaxy Coin is encapsulated in a white holder. 

Spiral Ametrine Nebula​

The Spiral Ametrine Nebula is created by a de-polorized plasma surge, from an exploding galaxy. There’s a quantum breakdown in the this sector of crypto space. There is no sustainable resources available to humans. A nearby planetoid keeps a watchful eye on this nebula.  

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